Status: Complete

This is a polished concept that I made of Factual. They're basically an open database platform where you can access a vast amount of collected information for free! They have lots of information to present so overdesigning is an issue. Using to many graphics will also slow the site down because it uses a lot of JavaScript in the background. It would also make the site look too cluttered. I had to avoid this in my redesign.

I basically wanted to make Factual look like a polished database operating system and remain consistent in the colors used. I also changed the way you login to the site. So be sure to try that as well. As George Lucas would say: "Same thing only better."

Factual Logo

Factual App Gallery Listing

First, take a look at the original design: Here

Now take a look at my design concept: Here

Key Features:

  1. Drop down login menu by pressing the login link up top.
  2. Hover over "Browse More Data" link.
  3. The blue buttons are fully functional. Be sure to press the login button.
  4. Both concept pages pass W3C's XHTML 1.0 Strict validation.

This concept makes heavy use of CSS3. The best browsers for viewing are Firefox7 and Google Chrome. The design still works on older browsers but they won't appear the same because they don't make use of the newer technologies. It is possible to make them look the same across all browsers but it would require more time and effort. Considering this is just a concept, such an effort isn't worth the time. The goal here is to showcase the future of the web.

Factual App Focus

First, take a look at the original design: Here

Now take a look at my design concept: Here

What to focus on:

  • All done in CSS/CSS3. No images added except for the iPhone images.
  • Full CSS3 Blue buttons. No images used. Easily adaptable.
  • Drop down login menu is all done in HTML/CSS3/jQuery. Compatible with older browsers. Again, no images used.
  • Done using Factual's existing HTML and CSS structure.

Images of what the pages should look like: